Reading with Older Children

  • Make reading part of your child’s bedtime routine. It will give them time to relax and imagine every night!
  • Reading should be fun! Let your child pick books they are interested in and encourage them to read lots of different books.
  • Point to words as you read out loud; it will help your child make connections with the words on the page.
  • Reading is a great time to talk. Ask your child questions about the illustrations and what they think will happen next. After you finish a book, talk about the characters and what they thought about the book.
  • Take your child to the library to pick out books—librarians can give great advice!
  • Read books, magazines, and newspapers at home; it will help your child see that reading is a lifelong activity.
  • Your child is never too old to read with! Once they learn how to read you can take turns reading out loud or sit next to them while they read to themselves.


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