Sing, Talk, and Read with Babies and Toddlers

  • Singing is a fun way for children to learn new words and sounds. If you can’t remember the words just make them up!
  • Talk with your child as you go about your day—describe what you are doing or what you have planned for the day. You can even count stairs you climb or cars that pass by!
  • Tell stories about your family’s history and things you remember from when you were a child—your child will never forget them!
  • Have fun rhyming with your child—the cat in the hat sat on the mat—and listing words that start with the same sound—sun, spring, and Saturday!
  • Point out words all around you—on signs, at stores, on cereal boxes or toothpaste.
  • Read with your child every night as part of your good night routine! Let your child hold the book and turn the pages.
  • Books are a great way to keep your child occupied—take them with you when you go on a drive or to the doctor’s office!


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