Rx for Reading at UDM’s Counseling Clinic

Our latest Rx for Reading library is right on the campus of University of Detroit Mercy!  UDM’s Counseling Clinic is a no-cost mental health clinic providing individual and group counseling to approximately 250 clients per year.  The clinic provides counseling for children and adults for a variety of mental health concerns, including depression, substance use, anger management, anxiety and career counseling.

Counseling Clinic 2Nursing major Heather Galli and English and Education major Paige Olekszyk braved the winter weather to deliver the bookcase and books.  They were able to fit 365 books onto the book shelves–one for every day of the year.  Special thanks to Emilie Wetherington, Director of Disability Support Services at University of Detroit Mercy, for her donation of the bookcase.

Counseling Clinic I croppedClinical Director Sheri Pickover, Ph.D., LPC spoke to the value of incorporating Rx for Reading into the clinic’s work:  “The opportunity to access free reading material provides the children and adults who come to the Counseling Clinic with an improved waiting room experience and a way to obtain often expensive books.  The Counseling Clinic is grateful for the ability to offer our clients these resources.”